Senegal/Guinea Bissau

T2S (TOL) began in Senegal nearly seven years ago, and the Lord has greatly multiplied this discipleship training, expanding into the country of Guinea Bissau. The fruit the Lord has brought for both countries are as follows: 

  • 3,500 trained believers 
  • 15,200 new believers
  • 1,411 baptisms
  • 59 new churches. 

There have also been 300 believers that have received additional training, which we categorize as Master Trainers. Praise the Lord as the work continues in these countries by National Trainers that love their people.

Burkina Faso

Since November 2020, the Lord has used T2S (TOL) in Burkina. National Trainers have been trained. They in turn have trained an additional 881 persons throughout multiple training groups.  Many people have come from all denominations to receive the training. We can account for atleast 125 new believers since the training began. Please continue to pray for the church in Burkina Faso. It is a difficult place, but the Lord is faithful and we are seeing the Lord move.

Sierra Leone

As the training progresses in Sierra Leone what the Lord is doing is nothing short of amazing. Since December 2020, those that are being trained have trained over 600 disciples. This has resulted so many new believers that the leaders are unable to give a number. There has been hundreds of baptisms and the planting of no less than 20 new churches. T2S's national leader/partner in Sierra Leone has confirmed and seen first hand the multiplication of God's kingdom. He states "As a leader, I and my people see the Tree of Life as a tool that must be in the hand of every church leader that wants to see the Great Commission be accomplished. Brother to be honest, each day in Sierra Leone I can tell you souls are being won to the Lord. The training has set these men and women on fire. All over the country they are just going and making impact. Brother I am not exaggerating it is just hard to gather statistics now. All we can say to God be the glory"  
Praise the Lord for this report!


Since November 2020, the Lord has multiplied in Niger by using national trainers from the small body of believers within the country. Continual training is on going. As of the end of 2021 the trainers report from their work 56 baptisms and 34 new churches have been planted. There has been an additional 20 new master trainers that are now in the field sharing the Gospel and training others.

From January-June of 2022 the trainers report 158 new believers, 18 baptisms and 12 new churches. Also, the master trainers have trained 200 disciples.

Please continue to pray for these faithful trainers as they make disciples who make disciples.


In Pakistan the faithful work done by three master trainers is just amazing as the Lord uses these disciples to multiply. They have trained 35 leaders and an additional 167 believers. There is now plans in 2022 to start 6 more training groups using master trainers.

The trainers in Pakistan have followed through with their plans to train others over the first six months of 2022. The trainers are reporting 2300 new believers, 71 baptisms, 44 ongoing cell groups and 3 new churches. Additionally they are training 436 disciples. We thank the Lord for His faithfulness.


T2S began training in Ghana in early 2021. The first 34 master trainers graduated in January of 2022. Thus far these trainers have been extremely faithful and the Lord is using them in a powerful way for His glory. From January through June of 2022 the trainers have reported well over one thousand new believers, 357 baptisms, 32 ongoing cell groups and 19 new churches. We praise the Lord for all He is doing through His people.



In 2021 we began the training of disciples in Liberia as we did in Ghana. Using master trainers from Sierra Leone the training of 35 master trainers in Liberia began. These men and women were obedient and devoted to training their fellow believers. They trained and developed other trainers sending them out to different parts of Liberia to carry the Gospel. These first master trainers graduated in January of 2022. From January through June of 2022 the trainers report 3215 new believers, 625 baptisms, 1850 disciples have been trained or in training, 175 ongoing cell groups and 50 new churches have been planted. It is amazing to see how the Lord is moving in West Africa multiplying His kingdom. Please pray for these wonderful trainers as they are missionaries to their people.