Senegal/Guinea Bissau

T2S (TOL) began in Senegal nearly five years ago, and the Lord has greatly multiplied this discipleship training, expanding into the country of Guinea Bissau. The fruit the Lord has brought for both countries are as follows: 

  • 3,500 trained believers 
  • 15,200 new believers
  • 1,036 baptisms
  • 59 new churches. 

There have also been 300 believers that have received additional training, which we categorize as Master Trainers. Praise the Lord as the work continues in these countries by National Trainers that love their people.

Burkina Faso

Since November 2020, the Lord has multiplied T2S (TOL) in Burkina by using National Trainers to train 881 persons throughout multiple training groups, with an additional 1000 people in attendance. Many people have come from all denominations, and six people experienced salvation. Praise the Lord, and may HIS name be glorified.

Sierra Leone

As the training progresses in Sierra Leone what the Lord is doing is nothing short of amazing. Since December 2020, those that are being trained have trained over 500 disciples. This has resulted in no less than 500 new believers and the planting of 10 new churches. T2S's national leader/partner in Sierra Leone has confirmed and seen first hand the multiplication of God's kingdom. He states "As a leader, I and my people see the Tree of Life as a tool that must be in the hand of every church leader that wants to see the Great Commission be accomplished." Praise the Lord for this report!


Since the latter part of 2020, T2S (TOL) has partnered with United World Mission. They are using French Speaking Trainers that have received reproducible discipleship training in Senegal. The work was going well; however, the pandemic has slowed the progress. We look forward to this work blossoming again after the pandemic ends.


Since November 2020, the Lord has multiplied T2S (TOL) in Niger by using National Trainers to train 156 people, including 81 men and 75 women, in reproducible discipleship training. Continual training is occurring inside the country, involving more than 156 additional people. There were (2) salvations and (2) baptisms. The manual used in training is being translated into different languages to reach different people groups by the National Trainers. Praise the Lord for this report.

Ivory Coast

Since November 2020, the Lord has multiplied T2S (TOL) in Ivory Coast by using National Trainers to train:

  • 45 people
    • 22 pastors
    • 13 students.

One of the participants also trained 26 people after receiving the training themselves. The Lord is using obedient believers to further HIS kingdom.


Pastor Pervaiz and his son are being trained in T2S and have completed level 5. Pastor Pervaiz lives in Pakistan and comes from a Muslim background. He and his family also have a small Christian school. His son is an Evangelist and travels with his father and assists him in the ministry. They have embraced the training and are currently training groups of believers. They are also currently translating the lessons into their heart language of Urdu.